Biodiversity, Waste & Water Management

A data answer to how do the world companies impact biodiversity change through their environmental policies, their waste management program, and their water emissions.


This dataset is part of Datacie’s ESG collection covering climate and other environment-related indicators. Access the industry’s most complete information set on the world companies’ biodiversity, water and waste-related data to understand, measure and make informed decisions about climate-related risks, regulatory requirements (e.g., SFDR, EU Taxonomy, TCFD), corporate engagements, and impact investing.

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Use Cases & Benefits

Asset managers -create unique and differentiated ESG portfolio strategies that align with your investors’ preferences and your firm’s positioning while generating better returns.

Commercial Banks -explain how your recommendations meet your clients’ sustainability preferences by providing them easy to understand, relevant ESG metrics in your communications.

Consultants -support the development of your clients’ ESG policies and methodologies with high-quality data & insights.

Corporates -benchmark your company against your peers in terms of sustainability and understand the data that your investors use to build a fair view of your company.

Fund managers -create funds that reflect your policies on the integration of sustainability risks & impacts in your investment decision-making process or advisory services.

Institutional managers -comply with ESG regulatory requirements and provide confidence to your clients that require greater transparency around climate change.

Risk managers -derive climate risk-mitigating strategies by adjusting your exposure to certain companies and sectors.

Engaged investors -build persuasive arguments to engage effectively with corporates to raise awareness about their insufficient level of disclosures or non-compliance with key disclosure frameworks.

Researchers -empower your research with the industry’s broadest ESG content set and convince decision makers with empirical facts and findings.

Sample data

Free sample data is available to all Datacie’s users. The sample includes the most-recently reported annual data for the following companies: Caterpillar Inc., Formosa Petrochemical Corp, Microsoft Corporation, Nestlé SA and Royal Dutch Shell plc.

Column definition

company name

Official name of the company.
Ex: Royal Dutch Shell plc

reporting date

Date for which the information has been publicly available in official disclosures.
Ex: 04.2020

fiscal year

Fiscal year over which the data are measured.
Ex: 2018

water withdrawal

Total water withdrawal from all areas in megaliters.
Ex: 20'100 Ml

water discharge

Total water discharge from all areas in megaliters.
Ex: 75'000 Ml

untreated water discharge

Total untreated waste water discharged from all areas in megaliters.
Ex: 42 Ml

waste generated

Total weight of waste generated in metric tons.
Ex: 1'190'158 metric tons

hazardous waste generated

Total weight of hazardous waste generated in metric tons.
Ex: 902 metric tons

non recycled waste

Total weight of non-recycled waste generated in metric tons.
Ex: 62'579 metric tons

biodiversity monitoring

Binary indicator taking the value 1 if and only if the reporting entity assesses, monitors or controls the pressures corresponding to the indirect and direct drivers of biodiversity and ecosystem change, 0 otherwise.
Ex: 1

biodiversity sensitive areas

Binary indicator taking the value 1 if and only if the reporting entity has a deforestation policy, 0 otherwise.
Ex: 1

deforestation policy

Binary indicator taking the value 1 if and only if the reporting entity has a deforestation policy, 0 otherwise.
Ex: 1


International Securities Identification Number.


Ticker or trading symbol.


Country in which the securities are listed.
Ex: US


Name of the exchange in which the securities are listed.
Ex: SIX Swiss Exchange


Datacie’s Biodiversity, Waste and Water Management data solution is built from all available data sources that contain ESG information on publicly listed companies, including self-reported filings, CSR reports, press releases, corporate websites & other corporate disclosures.
As a trusted data partner, Datacie is committed to delivering competitive and error-free data products to its clients. To this end, we are leveraging our proprietary data extraction technology to capture most of the reported biodiversity, waste, and water data from unstructured sources (websites, documents, media releases...) automatically. By construction, our technology predicts diverse quality indicators for each data point acquired; our ESG experts then review these quality indicators and carry thorough qualitative investigations of the extracted information, guaranteeing that our biodiversity, water and waste-related compilations are fully accurate and that no crucial items are missed.
After inception, the entire dataset is audited and evaluated for trustworthiness. Every data entry passes through hundreds of quality checks that automatically identify outliers and potentially misreported observations. Additional manual checks are performed on low-confident data points, ensuring that the final data product is free from poor-quality observations.
Note that all the waste and water data that have been reported in other units than per metric tons and megaliters respectively were standardized in these two units when a conversion rule was disclosed or when conversion factors exist; otherwise, they are discarded from the dataset to ensure comparability across time and entities.

Status & Delivery

The Biodiversity, Waste and Water Management dataset is currently being compiled and prepared for our clients’ preferred usage; additional coverage (temporal and company-wise) and existing/new columns can be modified/added on demand. Contact us and be among the first to benefit from this data solution to inform your climate-related decisions with the highest quality, cost-effective data of the market.

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