Real Estate Funds: Properties’ Details

Granular dataset on the properties held in inventory by real estate funds, incl. details on the properties’ location, acquisition cost, market value, rental income, and more.


This dataset is part of Datacie’s Real Estate Fund collection and contains geolocation, physical and financial information on the properties held in inventory by real estate funds. Access this data product to understand, measure, and make informed decisions about real estate investment trends, industry developments, property transactions, and real estate portfolio valuation with granular asset-level data.

Fund Coverage

Company coverage

79 Funds - being expanded

Geographical Coverage


Switzerland – being expanded

Data History


Back to 2000

As reported / Standardized

Reporting type


Most-Recent / As Reported


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Reporting Lag



Delivery Format

Delivery status

Excel, API, FTP & Datafeed

Use Cases & Benefits

Investors -drill-down into individual properties’ characteristics, change in valuations, and rental income figures to make the most profitable investment decisions.

Real Estate Analysts -always be informed on the latest property transactions in your target markets, analyze industry developments & investment trends, and feed your transaction models, acquisition & scenario analyses with high-quality asset-level data.

Valuation Experts -power your valuation models with clean & comprehensive property data and provide the most accurate market-value estimations to your clients.

Sample data

Free sample data is available to all of Datacie’s users. The sample includes the most-recently reported annual data for the following 2 funds: Immo Helvetic and Helvetica Swiss Commercial Fund.

Column definition


International Securities Identification Number.

fund name

Name of the fund.
Ex: Immo Helvetic

fund provider

Name of the provider.

reporting date

Date for which the information has been publicly available in official disclosures.
Ex: 31.12.2019

property id

Unique identifier associated to each property per reporting entity.
Ex: 4


Residential, commercial, mixed (residential & commercial) or in progress (land, construction or demolishion).
Ex: Residental


Property’s country.
Ex: Switzerland


Property’s city.
Ex: Basel


Property’s street address.
Ex: Eisenbahweg 12

construction year

Property’s construction year.
Ex: 1934

residential units

Residential units count.
Ex: 15

commercial units

Commercial units count.
Ex: 31


Parking spaces count (including garages).
Ex: 20

acquisition cost

Property historical acquisition cost in CHF.
Ex: CHF 3'040'595

market value

Property fair-value estimation in CHF.
Ex: CHF 3'638'000

target rental income

Property target rental income in CHF.
Ex: CHF 237'171

realized rental income

Property realized rental income in CHF.
Ex: CHF 189'234

vacancy rate

Property vacancy rate in percentage.
Ex: 20.2%


Datacie’s Properties’ Details data solution is built from all available data sources that contain property-level information from Real Estate funds, including prospectuses, annual/interim reports, and funds’ websites.
As a trusted data partner, Datacie is committed to delivering competitive and error-free data products to its clients. To this end, we are leveraging our proprietary data extraction technology to capture most of the properties’ characteristics from unstructured sources (websites, documents, media releases...) automatically. By construction, our technology predicts diverse quality indicators for each data point acquired; our real estate experts then review these quality indicators and carry thorough qualitative investigations of the extracted information, guaranteeing that our properties’ details compilations are fully accurate and that no crucial items are missed.
After inception, the entire dataset is audited and evaluated for trustworthiness. Every data entry passes through hundreds of quality checks that automatically identify outliers and potentially misreported observations. Additional manual checks are performed on low-confident data points, ensuring that the final data product is free from poor-quality observations.
This data product is currently available as reported. Datacie can augment the dataset with external data sources such as the Google Maps Platform API to enrich your real estate analyses with nontraditional features, such as quality of points of interest (e.g., proximity with hotels, museums…) and dispersion of points of interest (e.g., number of cafés within two kilometers).

Status & Delivery

The Properties’ Details dataset is currently being compiled and prepared for our clients’ preferred usage; additional coverage (temporal and company-wise) and columns can be added/modified on demand. Contact us and be among the first to benefit from this data solution to inform your real estate decisions with the highest quality, cost-effective data of the market.

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