Climate & Environment Bundle

This data product is a bundled package of the Greenhouse Gas Emissions, Energy Performance & Consumption, and the Biodiversity, Waste & Water Management datasets.


This bundle is part of Datacie’s ESG collection covering climate and other environment-related indicators. Access three high-quality, actionable datasets to understand, measure, and make informed decisions about climate-related risks, regulatory requirements (e.g., SFDR, EU Taxonomy, TCFD), corporate engagements and impact investing.
For detailed documentation of the Greenhouse Gas Emissions, Energy Performance & Consumption and the Biodiversity, Waste & Water Management data solutions, please refer to the individual product pages:

Use Cases & Benefits

Asset managers -create unique and differentiated ESG portfolio strategies that align with your investors’ preferences and your firm’s positioning while generating better returns.

Commercial Banks -explain how your recommendations meet your clients’ sustainability preferences by providing them easy-to-understand, relevant ESG metrics in your communications.

Consultants -support the development of your clients’ ESG policies and methodologies with high-quality data & insights.

Corporates -benchmark your company against your peers in terms of sustainability and understand the data that your investors use to build a fair view of your company.

Fund managers -create funds that reflect your policies on the integration of sustainability risks & impacts in your investment decision-making process or advisory services.

Institutional managers -comply with ESG regulatory requirements and provide confidence to your clients that require greater transparency around climate change.

Risk managers -derive climate risk-mitigating strategies by adjusting your exposure to certain companies and sectors.

Engaged investors -build persuasive arguments to engage effectively with corporates to raise awareness about their insufficient level of disclosures or non-compliance with key disclosure frameworks.

Researchers -empower your research with the industry’s broadest ESG content set and convince decision-makers with empirical facts and findings.

Status & Delivery

Datacie’s Climate & Environment Bundle covers most of the corporate PAI Climate and other environment-related indicators that financial market participants and financial advisers are required to disclose at entity, service, and product-level under the SFDR requirements.
Datacie’s goal is to help our clients comply with the new requirements of the SFDR with high-quality, competitive data solutions. Our mission is more than just helping you comply: we strive to provide you with the most complete ESG data offering existing to fuel your investment decisions and to support your disclosure requirements - which will benefit both your business and our planet.
Our team is therefore actively working to expand our data coverage to include the 60+ ESG indicators that were introduced by the European Supervisory Authorities (ESAs) through the Joint Committee (JC) draft Regulatory Technical Standards (RTS) in February 2021. This includes:
  • Acquiring all the indicators that fall under the social and employee, respect for human rights, anti-corruption and anti-bribery matters;
  • Augmenting our datasets to cover the indicators related to investments in sovereigns and supranationals;
  • Augmenting our datasets to cover the indicators related to investments in real estate assets;
  • Expanding our company coverage to more than 15’000 entities;
The Greenhouse Gas Emissions, the Energy Performance & Consumption, and the Biodiversity, Waste & Water Management data solutions are currently being compiled and prepared for our clients’ preferred usage; additional coverage (temporal and company-wise) and existing/new columns can be modified/added on demand. Contact us and be among the first to benefit from this data solution to inform your climate-related decisions with the highest quality, cost-effective data of the market.

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