Legal Proceedings

Structured information set that encompasses the historical & current legal proceedings to which publicly listed companies are the subject.


Datacie’s Legal Proceedings dataset captures the material legal proceedings, other than ordinary routine litigation incidental to the business, to which the reporting companies or any of their subsidiaries is a party or of which any of their property is the subject. Access this unique compilation of legal information to understand, measure and make informed decisions about the legal state of affairs of US, ADRs and Canadian companies that trade publicly on US markets.

Company Coverage

Company coverage

10'000 active and delisted companies

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Largely US & Canada

Data History


Back to 2000

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Excel, API, FTP, Datafeed

Use Cases & Benefits

Corporates -assess effectively the historical & ongoing legal state of affairs in your supply chain and your competitive landscape.

Hedge Funds -devise winning investment strategies that exploit the monetary & reputational impacts of uncertain legal cases.

Financial product managers -develop legal-themed investment products.

Institutional managers -report on legal matters in your products and provide confidence to your clients that require greater transparency around governance.

Legal professionals -Conduct faster and more accurate research with our comprehensive secondary sourced legal database and provide reliable historical examinations to your clients.

Risk managers -identify and mitigate the risks from any outstanding lawsuit that could be downplayed publicly.

Column definition

company name

Official name of the company.
Ex: Tesla

name of court

Information about the name of the court or agency in which the proceedings are pending.
Ex: Delaware Court of Chancery


Name of the party that initiates the lawsuit and seeks a legal remedy.
Ex: city of San Antonio


Name of the party that is prosecuted.
Ex: Elon Musk and the members of Tesla’s board of directors as then constituted

date instituted

Date instituted of the lawsuit (when a range of dates is provided, Datacie captures the earlier complaint date).
Ex: 04.06.2018

factual basis

Description (extracted from the raw document) of the factual basis alleged to underlie the proceeding.
Ex: challenging our acquisition of SolarCity Corporation

relief sought

Relief sought by the principal parties thereto.
Ex: unspecified monetary damages, attorneys’ fees, and costs

verdict date

When a legal case is concluded and the reporting entities disclose information about the verdict, this column refers to verdict date.
Ex: 26.01.2021


When a legal case is concluded and the reporting entities disclose information about the verdict, this column provides information about the verdict reached.
Ex: approximately $2.25 million in reimbursable costs


International Securities Identification Number of the company’s most traded share classes, notes or bonds.


Ticker or trading symbols.


Country (ISO code) in which the securities are listed.
Ex: US


Name of the exchange in which the securities are listed.

reporting date

Date for which the information has been publicly available in official disclosures.
Ex: 02.2021


As a trusted data partner, Datacie is committed to delivering competitive and error-free data products to its clients. To this end, we are leveraging our proprietary data extraction technology to capture most of the legal proceedings’ details automatically from the “Legal Proceedings” section found in specific SEC filings (see item 103 of regulation S-K). By construction, our technology predicts diverse quality indicators for each data point acquired; our legal financial experts then review these quality indicators and carry thorough qualitative investigations of the extracted information, guaranteeing that our legal proceedings compilations are fully accurate and that no crucial items are missed.
After inception, the entire dataset is audited and evaluated for trustworthiness. Every data entry passes through hundreds of quality checks that automatically identify outliers and potentially misreported observations. Additional manual checks are performed on low-confident data points, ensuring that the final data product is free from poor-quality observations.
Note that when a reporting entity is subject to different claims regarding the same legal case, Datacie has made the following assumptions (that can be adjusted on demand) to ensure consistency in the extraction process:
  • If the claims are described within a single paragraph, they are structured within the same line item.
  • If the claims are described in different paragraphs, but the claims have been merged and/or consolidated into a single legal proceeding by the legal authorities, they are again structured within the same line item.
  • Otherwise, the different claims are structured into different line items.

Status & Delivery

The Legal Proceedings dataset is currently being compiled and prepared for our clients’ preferred usage; additional coverage (temporal and company-wise) and existing/new columns can be modified/added on demand. Contact us and be among the first to benefit from this data solution to inform your legal-related decisions with the highest quality, cost-effective data of the market.

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