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Work with Datacie to get professional-graded and fully customizable data tailored to your goals. Gain a strategic edge that only few can benefit from.

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How it works

Tell us what you need - we will build it for you.

From scraping & crawling services, data extraction to data curation & standardization, Datacie takes care of the full end-to-end dataset creation process.

Start making decisions with the highest quality data.

Our Value Proposition

Datacie delivers on its promise for uniqueness.

Customized Fields Extraction
You choose the fields / keys / columns you wish to have in your datasets.
Tailored Coverage & History
Whether you need the most-recent observations or a 50 years data history, Datacie has your back.
As Reported & Standardized
Combining the best know-hows from Subject Matter Experts with the skills of top-notch data engineers.
State-of-the-art Data Curation
At Datacie, error-free and bias-free datasets are not an option; they come by default.
Flexible IP Rights
Acquire full ownership or partial copyright rights to fuel your data products or your external research with the best quality only.
White Labeling
Adjustable licensing terms of use allowing you to publicly display data under your name.
Real-Time Reporting
We have the capabilities to update your datasets seconds after an information is made public.
Flexible Data Format
All our datasets are available in CSV, HTML, JSON, XML and SQL.
Creating value via two types of data products
Whether you need textual information or numeric values, Datacie has developped a proprietary technology to help you move from needing data to working with data.

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About us

Datacie is an information company specializing in Document Intelligence that provides unique, actionable and fully customizable datasets to financial institutions, global corporations and non-profit organizations. Our mission is to empower research and decision-making by democratizing access to high-quality, professional-graded datasets directly built from the world's most trusted content sources.

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