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Multi-asset & multi-industry coverage, alternative & traditional - Datacie crafts unique datasets from the world’s most trusted sources and shapes them to help you win.
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Get the data you want in the format you want

We scrap, extract, curate and forecast data to remove any barrier from your data-driven strategies. Visit our catalog, ask for custom datasets or use our tools to build your own.

High-Quality Datasets

Get actionable, alpha-generating insights from data

For investment firms seeking for unique, predictive insights and data-driven businesses aiming to gain a competitive edge

Data Marketplace
From companies’ financials, standardized ESG data, IP figures, text mining compilations to alternative datasets, our data offering is growing rapidly to meet your objectives.
Custom Datasets Creation
Are you seeking for specific and hard-to-find data? Save time and money by letting us put our expertise to work for you.
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Document Intelligence

Extracting specific data from documents made easy

For developers dealing with unstructured format files (pdf, docx, pptx, etc.) that seek to free themselves from manual effort and fastidious data preprocessing.

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Seeking for a more specialized and accurate solution than AWS textract or Google DocAI?
Datacie’s proprietary Document Intelligence technology takes roots in the latest advances in Natural Language Processing and Computer Vision to automatically analyze documents.
Discover our Document Structuring API and our Tabular Data Extraction API - both achieving unrivaled accuracy at understanding documents like humans do.

Frequently asked questions

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What kind of data do you provide?
Datacie is currently specialized in creating datasets covering the world’s public companies to meet the information needs of its clients from the financial and regulatory space.
However, our technology allows us to create datasets from any unstructured data sources (documents, websites, social media, etc.) that can satisfy the information needs of any industry.
Can you build datasets from non-public sources?
Yes, our technology can be applied on any data source whether publicly available or not. Feel free to contact us to discuss how best you can benefit from Datacie’s expertise in dataset creation to meet your objectives.
How much do the datasets on your marketplace cost?
Pricing for our datafeeds is customized depending on your use case. The main criterias that influence our pricing are based on your profile (business, non-profit, academic or personal) and on your purpose for using our datasets (internal usage, external usage or custom IP).
Do you provide free samples for the creation of custom datasets?
We do not provide free samples for the creation of custom datasets. When a client approaches us with a dataset creation project, we usually start the conception with a paid Proof of Concept (PoC) under attractive financial terms to ensure that our clients’ expectations are fully met before crafting the full-scope dataset.

Data to empower research and decision-making

Datacie strongly believes that everyone can benefit from data to make better decisions, improve efficiency and even help tackle the world’s most pressing societal challenges.

We would love to help you achieve your goals.

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About us

Datacie is an information company specializing in Document Intelligence that provides unique, actionable and fully customizable datasets to financial institutions, global corporations and non-profit organizations. Our mission is to empower research and decision-making by democratizing access to high-quality, professional-graded datasets directly built from the world's most trusted content sources.

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